Friday, February 29, 2008


Michael have been giving me the sheets that he writes while talking to you guys and told me to add on to them. Being a diagram and note taking genious i am!, I have been staring at them and suddenly my light bulb blinked and I grabbed the red pencil I found among the pile of stuff in my office and drew millions of people on his diagrams, calling attention to the issue of; no matter what you do with your projects, people should come first and a lots of them. This is the purpose of my intervention.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

East Los Angeles Gold Line Extension

-Gold Line Future Map

Atlantic Station
Cross Road: E. 3rd Street x Atlantic Ave.

Student: Hao-yun Chuang

-Aerial Photo

Massing Study

-Scheme1 -Scheme2

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Westlake Institute of Lowrider Design and Technology

The diagram at the left describes the organization of the program for the lowrider institute. It diagrams the communal tree which depicts the occupany of the spaces. The red circle are for the Central American students from the neighborhood who are the primary occupants of the institute. The dark-gray circles are for other institute affiliates and people from the downtown area. The light-gray are for the Korean American immgrants from Koreantown who visit the auto museum inside the institute.

The images at the right describe different aspects of lowrider autos. The top image describes the incredible painted designs on the shell of the cars. The middle image shows an image of the interior of a lowrider with customized sound systems and seat covers. The bottom image depicts the hydraulic systems of lowriders and how they allow the cars to tilt in different ways.

- Leon Wang

Lincoln Heights

North of Pasadena Ave and South of the Los Angeles river and Arroyo Seco's proposed Confluence Park. 275 North Avenue 19.

Monday, February 25, 2008

LADBS_General Zoning regulations

Here's a cheat sheet for basic zoning info
go here for the complete PDF document
on the sciarcshare:

\\\Roto Studio\Zoning


Mediascapes studio now open to public

Sci arc Mediascapes studio - FOGBANK, made an appearance on Archinect last week. Opening studio projects for public view and commentary. I have commented and will continue to do so.

I am bringing up here as some of you are also interested in exploring the city based on terms of personal relationships. Definitely worth of including into resarch part of your projects, if not to see what some of your schoolmates are doing.